Aren't we just the cutest?

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January 2021

Let's start 2021 with a zoom group meeting!

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October 2020

The first Moitessier Group Zoom Group Photo!

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November 2019

From left to right: Nicolas Moitessier, Anne Labarre, Wanlei Wei, Sharon Pinus, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Julia Stille, Chris Wang, Jessica Plescia, Chris Sitko

The first Moitessier Group Great November Egg Drop!

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November 2019

Left Side (front to back): Chris Wang, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Sharon Pinus, Julia Stille, Anne Labarre.

Right Side (front to back): Andrew Martins, Nicolas Moitessier, Wanlei Wei, Jessica Plescia, Chris Sitko.

The Moitessier group goes out to lunch at 3 Brasseurs to celebrate the successful passing of all reviews and Nic's promotion to Full Professor!

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November 2018

Left Side (front to back): Nicolas Moitessier, Anne Liao, Wanlei Wei, Candide Champion, Julia Stille.

Back Row (left ro right): Jiaying Luo, Anne Labarre, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Sharon Pinus, Jessica Plescia.

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October 2018

Front Row (left to right): Anne Liao, Anne Labarre, Sharon Pinus, Jiaying Luo, Jessica Plescia, Wanlei Wei.

Back Row (left ro right): Nicolas Moitessier, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Julia Stille, Candide Champion.

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November 2017

After delighting the audience and committee with his knowledge of molecular mechanics Leo obtained his PhD! Congratulations Dr. Liu !!

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November 2017

Front Row (left to right): Nicolas Moitessier, Sharon Pinus, Jiaying Luo, Caroline Dufresne, Damien Hedou, Stephen Jones Barigye.

Back Row (left to right): Wanlei Wei, Julia Stille, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Jessica Plescia, Naela Janmamode, Zhaomin Liu

Missing: James McGill (in iron), Candide Champion

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September 2017

After 3h of presentations and tough questions Anna obtained her PhD! Congratulations Dr. Tomberg! Good job!

(Left to right): Mr.Tomberg, Dr Tomberg, Prof. Moitessier

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February 2017

Another one successfully defends his PhD!! Congratulations Dr Schiavini! The best defense is a good offense ;)

(Left to right): Prof. Moitessier, Dr Schiavini, Prof. Auclair

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November 2016.

It was fun while it lasted! Congratulations Dr Bezanson for your work and successful PhD defense!

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October 2016

Front Row (left to right): Nicolas Moitessier, Naela Janmamode, Jessica Plescia, Paolo Schiavini, Jerry Kurian, Damien Hedou, Jiaying Luo, Stephen Jones Barigye.

Back Row (left to right): Anna Tomberg, Michelle Bezanson, Mihai Burai Patrascu, James McGill (in iron), Caroline Dufresne, Sylvain Rocheleau, Zhaomin Liu, Wanlei Wei, Hassan Abdirizak Issak.

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May 2016

(Left to right): Pauline Mornat, Zhaomin Liu, Vincent Pellas, Michelle Bezanson, Naela Janmamode, Anna Tomberg, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Paolo Schiavini, Andre Costisella, Stephane De Cesco, Nicolas Moitessier, Jerry Kurian, Sylvain Rocheleau, Jessica Plescia

Missing: James McGill

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March 2016

Another one successfully defends! Congrats Dr. De Cesco! Thumbs up for great science!

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January 2016

(Left to right): Nicolas Moitessier, Stephane De Cesco, Anna Tomberg, Zhaomin Liu, Michelle Bezanson, Jerry Kurian, Paolo Schiavini, Mihai Burai Patrascu, Sylvain Rocheleau, Jessica Plescia, Naela Janmamode

Missing: James McGill

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October 2015

Congratulations Dr. Pottel, good job on defending your PhD!

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January 2015

(Left to right): Anna Tomberg, Zhaomin Liu, Nicolas Moitessier, Michelle Bezanson, Paolo Schiavini, Stephane De Cesco, Gaƫlle Mariaule, Josh Pottel, Jerry Kurian, Moeed Shahamat, Sylvain Rocheleau, Jessica Plescia

Missing: James McGill

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September 2014

Front Row (left to right): Sylvain Rocheleau, Paolo Schiavini, Nicolas Moitessier, Shannon Herrick

Back/Middle Row (left to right): Anna Tomberg, Stephane De Cesco, Zhaomin Liu, James McGill, Jerry Kurian, Josh Pottel, Michelle Bezanson, Remy Schwab, Hugo de Vries