Welcome to the Moitessier Research Group website

Whether it deals with life sciences, materials, or other areas of high impact, there is a great need for predictive power in organic and bioorganic chemistry. Our integrated research program utilizes synthetic chemistry as a powerful validating technology in chemical biology and synthetic organic chemistry.

The Moitessier group is active in the following areas:

  • Development & application of FITTED (a software for the prediction of binding affinities for biological targets)
  • Development & application of IMPACTS (a new tool for the prediction of sites of metabolism by P450s)
  • Development & application of ACE (a virtual screening techniques in the field of assymetric catalyst design)
  • A novel concept: Directing Protecting Groups. Regioselective transformations of amines and alcohols.
  • Computer-aided design and synthesis of biologically relevant compounds.
  • Computer-aided design and synthesis of novel asymmetric catalysts.
  • Synthetic methodology for chiral scaffolds for peptidomimetics